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She works full-time Monday through Friday and is home for the weekends. She had success in school and success in her career. One day, though, her life is turned upside down. Her husband, Todd, leaves her for someone younger. Angela is crushed, with feelings of helplessness and uncertainty. Angela decides t Studies show that four out of five Black women are overweight. Many are suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, sleeplessness, unrest, devastation, and are prone to weight gain.

Do you know your thyroid levels? For many women the answer is no. Many women suffer from too much weight gain due to an under-active thyroid and a Vitamin D deficiency. The str From questioning to discovery, this book contains a collection of poems exploring the innocence and wonderment of the world, as seen through the eyes of a child All her life, Tina had been put down because of her weight.

She grew up isolated from everyone but her mother. Even though her mother was her best friend, she had longed for a family, for siblings, or for a friend to share things with, to go places with, and to fit in somewhere. Even as a teenager, Tina knew what she wanted in life, a husband and chil A charmingly relatable series of tongue-in-cheek satirical and observational humor segments about human nature, relationships, pop culture, and pets.

It's mostly written in the first-person perspective of a fictional, fiercely independent-thinking, comically exaggerated stereotypical male who is casually insightful, unintentionally self-effacing, and brutall Sometimes the family grows and not everyone is ready for it.

Carter discovers that he is no longer an only child. His parents are about to introduce him to his new baby brother, and he's not quite sure how to handle it Nate is a twelve-year-old boy that doesn't have a dog but is guided through his day by an angel dog. Where will the adventures take him? At eighty-nine years old, or young as I like to remind myself on days when the glorious sun is up at my ranch and the blue sky beckons, people tell me I've lived a fascinating life, indeed even a remarkable life, one that started out as the son of Polish farmers and grocers, but one which has taken me to all over the United States, most of Europe, the Island Are you sitting by watching things happen?

Or are you taking a stand to stop things from happening? This book outlines some of the things that is going on in what used to be a great nation, a nation that people came to for sanction, but now they rather commit suicide or homicide because we as a nation haven't come to terms that trouble is lurking. This is a descriptive narrative of a child with learning disabilities who overcame the odds of dyslexia with determination and the grace of one teacher. Having gone through the cruelty of bullying as a child and growing into a young w Based on a true story, Donna was born in West Virginia and was unwanted and unloved from birth.

At two weeks old, her mother gave Donna to a sister to babysit, but her mother never came back for her. She was passed from family member to family member, never living with the same family for more than a few months. Often abused and neglected, she hid in a hole Have you been overlooked in your career path? Have you struggled to find the job you actually want to work at? Are you struggling with the interview process or maybe having trouble landing an interview in the first place?

I wrote this book to answer all these questions and dozens more. This small pocket guidebook is meant to set you apart from all the Raw and uncut, This Can't Be Life is the shocking, brutal, and at times, comical story of a young man coming of age in a tumultuous household amid a family of colorful characters. Raised by a single mother wrestling with her own personal demons, Rock finds himself struggling to resist the allure of fast money, easy women, and mind-numbing substances.

His jou Preappreciation is simply changing the timing of when you say thank you.

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Instead of waiting until the end or after, you simply say thank you in advance. This can act as a reset button for previous experiences and align you right here and now with the person right in front of you. If you think about it, all the stress comes before an event, before a meal or b Spiritual Ninja is the true account of the mystical and healing experiences of Sherry Pryor, a spiritual seeker.

Sherry shares her background as a broken individual who found Jesus and his healing light. She reviews her life experiences including her childhood, drug use, the suicide of a dear friend, her exploration of energy and shamanic healing, dreams, re Inconsiderate actions toward a mysterious old lady frees an unwanted entity that was subdued within her for unexplained reasons.

Now this unknown entity's main purpose is to cripple the existence of life by abducting innocent lives on the day they were born and disband the process which led to the uprising of Omniscient—the All Knowing and Guardian over ea It is sometime in The day is Saturday, just after midnight. This is a world where, the divide between rich and poor is even wider. Robotics and A. I Artificial Intelligence has taken over most of the industries of the Global States.

There is high unemployment. There are more people out of work, than in work. Major civil unrest. Rioting and looting is This book was written to shine the light on issues facing fathers in family court. This book has been written to help you understand that everything in this book happens daily. You listen to breaking news of a child that has been neglected or a child that was abused but this happens in family court every day.

We all look at the news and we see illegals separ Thank you for making a difference. All net proceeds from Beyond My Wildest will go to AmberCo to help single mothers improve life for themselves and their families. About AmberCo: As a destitute single mother at the age of eighteen, Peggy Larsen faced the uncertainties of providing for her son with no more than a high school education and the w A young Cambodian boy struggled among the strife, fears, and gunfire of the Vietnam War era to find a possible route to academic success, yet that was one thing that could lead to his execution later in his life.

Then when life's struggles seemed to be improving, the communist-controlled Pol Pot regime Khmer Rouge deliberately yet somewhat surreptitiously en Little did he know that the trip included a plane crash resulting in an encounter with the Little Bedouin, or Badawi, as he was known in his mortal life. Many may wonder why this book was written. Others may question the motive or the purpose of such a book. The answer to these questions and others is very simple. It was in September , when I had the first dream. Around three o'clock one morning I had a dream. It appeared to me that I was awake Sherry Ortiz, a highly capable, decorated police sergeant, was looking for a new start for herself and her son, Sam.

She thought she had found the perfect place to serve and protect when a former employer became chief in the little mining town where she grew up. He had won the chief of police position and begged her to help him out in suppressing the drug pr All lives are marked with points in time when decisions are made that not only affect them when made but also for years to come. Eddy Kepler is a perfect example of life long consequences due to teenage decisions. After Eddy marries Harriett for an ulterior motive, he is drafted.

With a backdrop of the Korean War, Eddy finds true love; only to be sabotaged If after reading this book you feel Jesus is knocking at your door, let him in. Just get on your knees and say come in. Jesus, I've made a mess of things, come in and tell me what to do and I'll do it. I would suggest you get a bible and start reading at the gospel of John Chapter One and verse one and read a little every day, then pray, and h Do you need peace and assurance that all is well in your life?

This is a book about a famous singer back in the , who had a love triangle, which got way out of hand. Now this woman needs help from someone who is living. Read more and find out Fifteen-year-old Ashlyn Jordan could not understand her nightmares. She had no way of knowing they were a portent of her destiny and would propel her into a horrifying situation.

Almost in an instant, her character and talents would be challenged by evil forces threatening a nation of people she had never heard of. This is a historical fiction in that two of the main characters were significant and well publicized dangerous historical figures at the time this story takes place. However, the man involved with them and relating this story is a widower living alone with his dog in a sparsely populated area of northwestern Louisiana in the spring of So it is not a re The animated trio discover the wonders of the great outdoors—that is, until they come face-to-face with a grizzly bear!

Will they be able to escape? Follow Joe and his friends as they journey through the woods, only later to discov My passion and dedication for nursing are the reasons that made me love my profession and inspired me to write a book. With so many years working in this kind of profession, I have realized it and always feel it deep in my heart that anytime I take care of an individual, I get some sort of emotional connection. It gives me a feeling of satisfaction an This book is about two friends who have always liked adventure. But this time, this adventure gave them much more than they bargained for.

They encounter circumstances that become life-threatening. It is a story where two friends must rely on each other for their very survival. In this book, I've created the carnage image of evil to emulate the ongoing presence of the master of blasphemy, sometimes referred to as the Devil. Normally in such works of bizarre fiction, we find the character itself thriving on special effects and some form of unconquered prelude to match the innocence of specially chosen characters that are inevitably It's Up to You!

This book identifies what is required to achieve success and presents it in a friendly, easy-to-read manner. It is almost like a conversation between friends, and it gives you realistic examples you can relate to. There is even a chapter that will allow you to verify the principles for y One frosty autumn morning the quiet was shattered by a craft of unknown origin as it pierced through the clouds with an apparent rush to find a better place, leaving a broken world behind. Those hopeful escapees would indeed find a new place, but unbeknownst to them it would not be without its own peril: it would show them wonders, both amazing and terrifyin All men are created unequal.

In this book, I describe meditation as internal peace and joy achieved by way of a high happy score. I showed that you can be in an elevated mood in a happy reality despite the inequality of society. Have you ever been a victim of wrong doing and suffered the indignation there would be no possibility to right the wrong? Perhaps, you know of someone who did, maybe someone close to you, or even someone distant. What did you do? Perhaps, in brief moments you thought of ways the wrong could have been righted, only to have reality once again remind you this w Dorothy and her son Ryan typed, edited, and had published a cookbook for the Shriners Hospital for Children Houston volunteers several years ago.

Dorothy was instrumental in typing and having a cookbook published for Riverview Baptist Church Houston, Texas, about fifty years ago. BESA recounts my life, beginning as a young boy of a large, happy three-generation family living together in southern Albania. The Bylykbashi's were prosperous land owners and store owners, but when Enver Hoxha and his Communist regime muscled their way into power, that idyllic life quickly fell apart for my family, my village, and my country at large. We typically must seek them out.

With all the negative and disempowering content being aimed at us every minute, we need a way to reset the negative with positive and humorous content. That is the purpose of Keep Believing! After her last adventure, Claira Williams thought her life was finally going to settle down. An upcoming wedding to Matt, the town sheriff, and writing her father Sean's life story, she really has no time for any extra adventures right now. When Claira realizes she has more blood relatives than just her mother and brother, the next adventure begins, whether Muddy Feet is a nostalgic story of a young girl who, after overcoming unimaginable tragedy and heartache, becomes a source of inspiration to a community desperately in need of her unconditional love and the hope it brings.

In , when Elle Lewis is seven years old, her life turns upside down in a single day. First, her brother leaves home seeking hi Out of the air, one as a flock, the original thirteen Wicca arrived. Settling in the forested trees of the glen, they conversed, cackling and calling. Liking what they perceived, the Wicca decided to stay. This is the story of a family vacation where sisterhood blossoms into friendship and memories that will last a lifetime. This is an incredible true story of the survival of an orphan who, lured by the power of knowledge, went on to achieve his life's dream of becoming one of the highly educated of his time, despite all odds.

The story starts when he lost his father—the only person he had—at the age of seven. He hardly knew his mother who died earlier when he was barely fou Inspired by true events. Two young girls alone at home on the South Dakota prairie hear a baby crying outside in a blizzard. Miles from any neighbors, with no way to call for help, they must decide if they should open their door to strangers and dangers. Mustering courage, they find an Indian family outside badly in need of shelter. The girls im Three Lost Turtles by Deborah Martin is about a common problem that affects many newly hatched turtles along our built-up beaches in Florida.

Bright lights are distracting baby turtles. Instead of being drawn to the sea, hatchlings are drawn toward artificial lights. They never make it to their natural environment—the ocean How far would you go to protect the ones you love? Kina Rey was an ordinary woman living quite the normal life. That is until a mysterious man shows up on her doorstep one night, telling her that what she had always believed to be true was not entirely the case.

His arrival creates a chain reaction of events that will change Kina's life forever. She w Set primarily in one of the most visited areas of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Ghosts of the Cove takes the reader from the turmoil of the Civil War to present day east Tennessee while providing a glimpse of a unique pioneer community and the people who settled there.

My Book of Job is a group of meditations about the mind, body, and soul. When spirit rules, change manifests from the soul. The soul some believe is made of pure energy. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only changed into other types of energies; some constructive, others destructive, and for the purpose of what?

These are the questions we can all ans The Coming is a novel about the second coming of a savior. It is set in the late seventies, early eighties and takes place in the four corner's region of the southwest. This area, with its unique beauty, is the setting I grew up in and I consider myself b What if I told you that your life and who you think you are is only surface information?

That who you really are is a bigger mystery than any one person on this earth could ever know? What if I added that you're destined for greatness, but before you could reach that level of achievement, you had to learn to let go of all your inhibitions and face the person What do you want to do after you graduate?

Who do you want to be when you grow up? Go on a journey that will entertain, provoke, and inspire you to an answer. Brainstorming has never been more fun, and daydreaming has never been more impactful! How do you know if you're on or might be heading down a hummingbird path? Do you have a thousand Enter the realm where God is the Architect, and the angel Gabriel leads the project to create it.

Living aspects created are constructs that help formulate and mold this new project. Unlike other projects created, this project involves time and jealousy as key constructs that help define the battle to come. At age thirty-seven, with glowing recommendations in hand, he secures the post of choir teacher at a small town high school on Florida's west coast. Soon after assuming his duties he falls in love with Tracy Ashbury a bright, talented and attracti This book was written for anyone who is considering a career as a secondary teacher.

It gives the reader many tips on becoming an effective secondary educator in a very modest amount of time. The goal is to make the transition to secondary teaching as painless as possible for the new teacher. The author does not want the reader to go through the difficult pi This is a story about a handyman who lived in a small town and was in just the right place when destiny came knocking on his door.

Lon looked to be little more than a handyman, a bit complex as complex goes. He is smart but a little stubborn; he is compassionate but selective about who he is compassionate to. He is defiantly creative but didn't always think The poetry I write is a way to express my feelings on things I see and hear about. Often, it just comes to me and I'll write it down quickly. I hope when you read this collection, there will be some that you can relate to. I thank those who take the time to read this book, and I hope you enjoy it.

As I Muse explores the many thoughts and ideas the author had during his journey through life. His aim is to share these thoughts and ideas with you. Hopefully, this book will inspire you to write about your life and maybe answer some questions you may have about relationships, religion, etc A Journey through the Stars is in-sorts, an autobiography. This book is to represent the end of an era. Throughout this collection of poems and stories, I lay out a road-map of what I will soon realize is my future. In writing my poems, I have decided that the interpretation of a person, while up to each individual, is what shapes a person.

She had been on the move for years. This was a place where she thought she would finally be able to find some peace, small and quiet. Maybe she could finally settle down and have a normal life? Ellen was a mystery not only to the town but to herself as well. Troubled thoughts seemed to be making her paranoid despite her rural surroundings.

This booklet assists in filling a void children suffer from due to an extensive absence of a parent or loved one, because of military duty, summer camp, vacation, hospitalization, boarding schools, etc. It allows the opportunity Meet retired police detective Robert Raines. After devoting forty-three years of his life to serving and protecting the streets of Chicago, he has called it a career. But good cop instincts die hard—--if they die at all.

Before long, he finds himself teamed with two fellow retired cops, Dale Gamble and Ashe, as they take on the case of a missing 19 year o It is mostly true to form although some parts are partly fictional. It is designed to give as true a picture as possible through the author's personal experiences This book is made to grow with your children from learning colors, counting, shape names, spelling of shapes, and numbers.

The shapes included in this book are from basic up to the shapes they will learn and need to know in school up to second grade. It also includes short sentences for those children who are learning to read. Julie, an eleven-year-old Irish Catholic, had no inkling that the mysterious yet undeniable bond formed in a fleeting encounter with a priest would later transform her life. This memoir, in part told through actual letters, is the inspiring story of how two souls, grounded in faith and destined to be together, escape violence to move confidently from darknes I congratulate you on taking the time to read this book.

Everyone in life has a story to tell. My life story comes down to every vowel and syllable written in these poems. What is your story? Although she only had a short stay at the humane society before finding her forever home, not all animals are that fortunate. South Suburban Humane Society is a not-for-profit dedicated to promoting the well-being of pets a Do you know how thinking about the possibility of extraterrestrial life can help make better decisions in your everyday life?

The answer to this question will be the first, of many, that enlighten you and is found in the Introduction to The Humaniverse Guide to Better Reasoning and Decision-Making. Every person has to reconcile how to solve the many problems Hope doesn't always feel good. Hope is never looking over your shoulder again. Hope is your expectant view forward. Every twenty-four hours, we have decisions to make. These choices that are in our control will define the place that we are able to make future moves forward. Having a deliberate plan and exploring our thoughts and intensions through a lens of A technician traveling the country repairing computer-controlled machines, Roger has a life that is about as mundane as possible.

Every Monday, he heads out by airplane or rental car to install or repair machines at woodworking companies in different towns and cities. At home, he would do yard work and the other chores that pile up during his trip. In an attempt to reenergize his practice, a mild-mannered, blandly ineffectual psychologist organizes an anonymous peer-counseling self-help group that is haphazardly attended by seven divergent strangers—a punk rocker, a teenaged prostitute, a DMV examiner, a food critic, a judge, a priest, and a little old lady.

Riyah and Addie girl set out to build a fort in their backyard. While looking for logs in the forest behind their house, they travel deeper and deeper into the woods. When they get to the deepest part of the woods, they find a long-hidden treasure. When they open the treasure, they find strange items with ominous warnings.

Before they know what has ha Hershy is a black lawyer. He has multiple women of different nationalities and a wife. All of his women know about each other. He is generous with his gifts. He doesn't come cheap. This suspense filled autobiographical fiction, has many twists and turns; a love story, drama, suspense, mystery, magic, with a dark edge of conspiracy and betrayal intertwined. Heart of a Servant is a story based on true events of how a Chinese-born orphan named Pon K-Manee witnesses the growth of modern Thailand from his days of being a boy servant to the king, until World War II: when he becomes a trusted spy and one of the king's closest confidants.

Upon declaring his loyalty at a tender age, despite having been given away to th To lose the joy of play is devastating, for the spirit of the soul needs play for its uplifting. Jesse Owens, International American Hero, lifted his country to a moral high and momentary state of color blindness. Mental slaves—strong, powerful, and skilled; free to move around as they saw fit on the plantation, successful in keeping their owners popular a Can a promise be carried out from beyond the grave?

The Promise is a true story of the love, grief, fate, and tragedy that befell two soul mates during their life here on earth. The Addison family has lost their beloved brother and son Steve to leukemia. Before Steve passes away, he makes an unusual pact with his sisters and his wife. Marge Lyse b. Obese for the first part of her life near four hundred pounds , an embarrassing episode at a family gathering led to a change in lifestyle which resulted in the loss of over two hundred pounds which she has kept off for nearly twenty year Dana Brown is a cigarette-smoking, vodka-and-tonic-drinking woman who fights crime her way.

Working for the Bureau of Land Management, her handpicked loyal agents will do anything Dana wants to bring her style of justice to the bad guys. Using everything from a borrowed trash truck, weed killer, rattlesnakes, and other assorted, unusual methods, she catches A native Californian and successful entrepreneur in the world of merchandising and acquisitions, Rebecca McMahon finds herself faced with making life-changing choices that include taking custody of her grandchildren who have been removed from the home by CPS. Taking them from dysfunction, loss, and injustice, she struggles to make a home for three little one This is a story about a young boy's life that was raised on a small farm in Southwest, Pennsylvania.

His lifelong dream was to have his own airplane and to learn to fly. He manages to buy an airplane and later got his pilot's licenses. He tells many stories of his experiences of flying. The basic premise of what Paul will be presenting in his book is that an individual's happiness, success, and fulfillment in life stem from their thoughts. To achieve maximum success, it is imperative to keep our thoughts calm, positive, constructive, and rational. The key to creating that mental process is a disciplined mind.

This disciplined mind helps us Nelson is a real dog. He lets Mom and Pop live with him, but there is no question who is in charge. He lets them pamper him, prepare his food, and walk with him. And in return, he is the nicest dog in the world. No one could possibly argue Laney Masterson is living a perfectly comfortable and content life when a return of a past flame, Brad Green, and the persistence of a recurring dream cause her to question everything she thought she knew, sending her into a tailspin. Laney's world is turned upside down when she walks into the realization of a love she has known before.

Her inexplicab Marcus Moreno was born in East Los Angeles, California, to a proud, loving, tough, dope-dealing father. He was born a warrior; he had to be. He started fighting on the day he was conceived; his body was polluted with the heroin his mother shot up daily and almost killed him. He survived that and then fought the rest of his life growing up in the tough street As a child, I would wish upon the stars late at night when I could not sleep—hoping, wishing, and dreaming for when I grow up I want to be me!

Writing and telling stories made me happy and other people's children happy, my children, and my grandchild Layla. Writing and telling stories kept me out of trouble and being bored. Now, I teach Layla to tel In , at 25 years old, I began a journey to find my true purpose. I began a game of trust and sharing. How could I begin to compete with all these super talented artists? A simple idea came to me. For all living things, just five things: a home, clean water, healthy food, create energ Samuel Franklin McCoy Jr. Use my ten years of Kauai experiences in the industry that I love to help lead you to successful choices concerning where to eat during your time on The Garden Island.

In your specific case, that may be for quality of food, the best value, ambiance and view, or to support honest community contributors. There are plenty of resources already in the marketplac Enter a reality where one man has total control over the Earth, past, present, and future. A man with the power to control even the thoughts of any and all he chooses. His power restricted only by the need to avoid the relentless pursuit of ARGO, who possess the same technology but need Terrance Newton Tupnic's ability to fully access the power he has master Learn how a simple science fair created lifelong friends with adventures around the world.

Bob and Suzy built the first flying car after the science fair that started all their adventures. Each stop around the world with their flying car, they had to overcome challenges and conflicts. Learn how they overcame the copycats in China, being captured by el A true autobiography of a young cowboy raised well in the midtwentieth century out West, dodging Indian and Mexican gangs, fighting winter snowstorms, not raised with the amenities of comfort of many around him knew.

Whether close together or far apart, Samantha the artist, Daniel the musician, and Rebecca the actress have always found a way to make the differences in their lives work in their favor. As teenagers life always seemed so easy. When the trio grew, they realized life wasn't always as simple as they thought. They learn that, no matter how close you are, This easy-to-read book is intended to provide valuable information to alcoholics who wish to work toward achieving and maintaining a sober lifestyle.

Since alcoholism affects the entire family system, the alcoholic's family and significant others will learn the disease concept and glean appropriate ways of relating to the addict in a supportive role. The pra Despite the fact that Vietnam was many things to many people, as were so many different wars experienced by those who were in combat, your work seems to bridge all by its reality.

Ultimate Betrayals: The Crisis of Violence Against Women examines multiple narratives and social constructs that continue to fuel patriarchy, misogyny, and violence against women. The United States remains a leading perpetrator of violence against women, and the prevalence of these crimes continue at historical levels. Ultimate Betrayals describes multiple o Autism is often stigmatized and looked at as a difficult road for parents and caregivers facing this challenge. However, children with autism have unique gifts and abilities that are often overshadowed by their social deficits.

It is important to recognize the gifts in these children and to nurture their strengths. Trey, the Chef, offers a unique perspective Hank and Katharine—how much do we really know about our spouse? Katharine is about to find out more than she ever imagined about her seemingly ordinary husband. Hank has guarded his past carefully, but recent events caused his past to collide with his present. In an attempt to protect Katharine and her family from an increasing threat, Hank is about to fin Everyone needs encouragement sometimes. These writings were penned out of my situations and thoughts.

When I started sharing them with others, their comments on how they encouraged them were overwhelming. I was encouraged by so many to write a book. The more I thought about it, the more it became a reality to me. Chloe was born in Savannah Georgia. Her family moved away for the earliest part of her life. After Chloe's father landed a better job, he moved the family back to Savannah. There she spent a lot of her time on her uncle's farm. After only a short period of time helping her aunt and uncle out with the farm chores; she began having some paranormal dreams Humans are not Earth's dominant species and never were.

Nestled on the outskirts of Boston, Sudbury, Massachusetts, is a quaint colonial town that was incorporated in Mark Massi has recently moved back to his childhood home with his wife, four kids, a cat, a dog, and a tortoise. He and his family feel safe and secure and are loving life until Ma Meet KG and Nigel, friends of Krissy. KG finds some books that Nigel had never seen. While they listen to Krissy tells an in-depth story of her military career which consist of a fifteen-month tour in Iraq and a not so in-depth story of her childhood that included some baby pageant trophies and a dance trophy.

Krissy introduces her friend Angel to both men. Blueberry Lu loves frozen blueberries. However, when she eats them, she struggles with the effects they have on her. Will her friendship continue to grow with her best friend, Sue, or will Lu's love for frozen berries make Sue find a new friend?

The Den Blue Rooster is a true story with lessons of courage, devotion, and survival from a determined little banty rooster The year is , and humanity has finally found a viable new home. Named for a second chance in the discoverer's native tongue, the opportunity could not have come at a better time. Earth has too many people, too much conflict and not enough resources for either. Frinagri has seen its fair share of war, famine, and death.

But none of its hardships can compare to the havoc that once plagued its land that was led by the Great Traitor, Msalf. Through sheer numbers in unity and strength in hope, this Great Traitor was defeated by what Frinagri dubs as the Meridian Force. Followers of the Orylium credit this victory to th The building of the canal system, in the United States although short. Seven out of ten people really don't find out their gift from God and follow it.

The majority love and worship his presence. Jessie Cotty had a gift to spread that was a miracle. He knew his time had come to pray and ask for one more chance. He was gifted that miracle if he could make the journey back from his quest alive and, along the way, a new family—p Come join Benny on his first days of kindergarten, where he learns about cleanliness, making friends, and all the things you get to do at school. Read along to see if Benny wins his hopping contest at recess or if something stops him from earning his win A violent uprising, a missing corporate jet, and a priceless black diamond make for a desperate flight ending in tragedy.

Sam Burke and his company that finds lost aircraft, AeroFind Unlimited, search for answers to the mysterious disappearance. A Fisher Industries plane is sent to South America to rescue company executives from being captured by rebels. She was diagnosed at 3-years-old and started on injectable medication at that point.

She has been receiving injections on a frequent basis ever since. She has anxiety when it is time for her injection, At head office in New York, executive assistants are running around in turmoil getting the last important details together for the annual meeting in London, if they only knew the plans of others! A company controlled by the Chinese government wants to seat two new directors on the board of Advanced Surveillance Systems Inc.

The reason is simp There are thousands and thousands of basketball players across the United States of America, worthy of playing college basketball. As a former high school basketball player, I felt that I was good enough to play on the next level. My high school coach made that dream possible. He took me and two of my teammates to a few college basketball try-outs in This fictional story has some episodes and events that are true.

This leaves the reader a lot to wonder and ponder upon. All personal names and places have been changed, rather they are true or false. It begins with a married deaf couple going on vacation with their young hearing daughter. They'd lived their lives so carefully and tried to do everythi This book is intended to give everyone a little guidance, to bring you back to where you started and to try to push you in a new direction.

Rekindle is intended to make you laugh and to help you have some fun in Reigniting the Flames of Passion for each other! Through Rekindle, I have brought back some very basic manners that we have all forgotten but mean s Early experiences of encounters with the paranormal have become the driving force behind his writings.

With over forty years of hands-on experience, Peter Guttilla has been a significant contributor to the fields of ufology, cryptozoology, parapsychol Author Angie Gilchrist shows you how to make the Bible a book of prayers and reference that can powerfully influence your everyday lives. You'll gain new, biblical perspectives on God's purposes for your life. And through the encouragement of the Scriptures, you'll find out what a huge difference your prayers really make in the lives of those you love most. An insightful series of essays portraying a plateau of disfunctioning attitudes emanating from both the government and citizens and resulting in the gradual deterioration of strength and unification of the USA.

It delineates issues and conditions that I consider detrimental to the future positive growth of our country. Some of these matters consist of But despite of all that he lost, all the pain and suffering he endured. He continued to fight to remain relevant, to overcome and in the end to inspire.

Giving up would have been so much easier, especially when he was forced to live within Thoughts Along the Way is a daily guide of topics and related quotes that have been gathered over almost five decades of work and life experiences. The guide, quotes, and related thought questions are intended to provide valuable daily insight, inspiration, and evaluation for those who strive to reach the best of life and career opportunities. With today's e Feeling alone, without the words to show how you truly feel, is something we all go through, and some are still at war with our demons.

Yet that doesn't mean we all don't deserve one good day. So go ahead, open up this book that will hopefully help you free yourself and help find that voice you need and to know somebody is there for you. What is more beautiful than seeing the bright colors of a rainbow in the sky after it rains? A new girl comes to school one day, and everyone views her as beautiful. When Eve returns home from school, she is depressed because she does not see herself as beautiful compared to her new classmate.

Her mother decides to use a rainbow to show Eve that ther Alfy and Elfie are a pair of twin elves, whose adventures become misadventures, which, more often than not, find them having to answer to Santa for their misdeeds. Elfie suddenly realizes her brother Alfy is not around. No matter where she looked, he just couldn't be found. Unlike them to be apart from each other, Elfie assumes her brother is lost. In Reform the Kakistocracy, Kovacs describes how the kakistocracy transformed our federal government from one of limited powers to one of immense The following is a summary of Don Rogers's adventures.

In volume one and in the following volumes, he lets the young readers, and the older ones, know how important it is to do your best, take your endeavors to the next step, and practice being better than good through all his adventures. Logging and sawmill work, managing a rock and roll band, hydro boat ra No one likes to be alone, but sometimes we have little choice in the matter.

Through adventure or through tragedy, we find out who we are and what we are capable of. But sometimes, it is also okay to be broken. Nerissa, homeless and alone, is trying to understand why the odds have been stacked up against her. All she wants to do is get away from the p My book is my brain child and I am very proud of it.

The words all throughout were from my heart and joyful for me to write. The main message is brief, God is always with us no matter where we are. I hope that my words help someone else feeling down in the dumps to feel better.

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My inspiration was my mother who is with the Lord now. Growing up on the East Side of Chicago, the streets were home. Les Kachurek is leading a movement to inoculate police and other law enforcement practitioners from personal and organizational liability, by inspiring transformational change from traditional paradigms to learning organizations. Cal Ross was hungry and broke, and in desperation, he agreed to help Skinny Lacy rob army payroll. But Lacy double-crossed him, took all the money, and caused Ross to be sent to prison.

But not for long. He was out now and bent on revenge. Thinking that Cole and Casey were bank robbers, the citizens of the town of Station Four fired on them, k Legend tells of a special few who have been chosen by Bella Luna, the moon goddess. These Chosen are granted special powers or gifts to aid them in preserving and restoring the werewolf species.

Werewolves are dying. Female numbers are declining, and most are infertile after mating, so finding a companion mate is difficult but finding one's true mate is a mi Seekers of the Dogazoids is the story of wayward aliens who wind up on planet Earth by accident, a fuel crisis. They can change their appearance via shape-shifting and are quite intelligent. But they know nothing about this planet or the beings who live here, us humans.

The one thing they do know is that they need fuel for their ship. So they set about seeki Diggory is a tiny yet mighty javelina — an explorer with enormous dreams and desires! This intelligent, fearless pioneer captivates readers and listeners, young and old. Children of all ages are swept away on a journey into a wonderful, whimsical world of imagination and discovery!

Fear is a strange thing. It can warp your thoughts. Contort and dismember the firm grip you thought you had on your reality. All within a single moment. A single sound. Your eyes catching a shimmer of light off sharp metal. The cold grip of death as it wraps its fingers around your neck. The way it reaches into your chest, squeezes your heart tightly until a The Unforgiven is the story of two women who meet in their childhood, spend their lives together, and in an act that takes place, it forever changes the course of their lives and people in it.

The story embodying the manuscript is the depiction of two young women of diverse ethnic and social backgrounds, brought together as young girls on summe When William Dub Brooks and George Sayre first met, they soon realized they shared a mutual love for Ireland's northwest coast. One had a passion for writing verse. The other had a love of photography. They decided to spend a month together in Ireland viewing with their separate lenses and combining their views in this book.

There were four driving mechani This is a biography of my time in the United States Marine Corps from to In all of them, there was one thing that always bothered me: why were they more inspirational than practical? That approach never made sense to me. As a visual, hands-on, learner, I need to be able to visualize a goal, see each step in my head.

Most books aren't written that way. They're more prose, and inspirational A selection of poems about common everyday objects, situations, and feelings written in a whimsical manner flavored with a touch of humor In , Kevin C. McCall, loving husband and proud father of three, experienced the unimaginable: His youngest son, Ryan, was murdered in a robbery attempt after leaving a college party in Tampa, Florida. In For the Love of Family , Kevin shares his personal journey through shock, horror, grief, anger, reconciliation, and healing.

Over the cours Jonas staggers and slurs up to a front door he doesn't recognize. His pocket holds a key that fits and unlocks the door. Peeking through the slit of an opening, Jonas is sucked into what he dreads the most — himself. Awaiting him is the gauntlet he's running, and an opportunity for redemption, if he's brave enough to take it.

Looking back on life and being blessed in seeing my dreams as a young man come to light. For those who ride motorcycle—if you're thinking of riding or just want to read about the life of one whose dream came true in the motorcycle world. An autobiographical novel which concerns the stories and future of two young boys and their collective experiences during their adolescent years as they enter military service in order to get away from a stringent parental upbringing in New York City's Harlem.

Seventeen years old, virgins through no fault of their own , who live under the strict parental en Jennifer Tuttle, a successful gay woman, struggles with her sexuality as her overbearing desire to become a mother interrupts her life. Mickey Swift, a mature handyman struggles with the meaning of the US Constitution as he is victimized by corrupt cops. Not since Love Story and Endless Love has there been a more compelling story of young love.

Now for the first time after fifty years, you will know the story of Tommy and Laura. A gripping tale of young love, first love. Val Simons's debut picture book will delight pre-readers and toddlers with the unpredictable antics of a pet bird in What Else Could Cheeper Do? Children will be actively involved asking and answering questions and making predictions as they find out What Else Could Cheeper Do? Happy stories of fun and imagination. It's Halloween night. Suddenly, on this very spooky night, my friend and I have a run-in with a witch.

She is the real deal but with a big problem. Find out the amazing solution for her to happily complete her Halloween tour. If you love the outdoors—its beauty, bounty, and diversity—I am just like you. If you enjoy being creative in the kitchen as you prepare delicious and sometimes unusual meals for your friends and family, I am just like you. And if you take pride in savoring the rewards of your outdoor adventures in a carefully planned and prepared meal that makes the mo I decided to write these police stories to share with others and to give some insight into how police work and feel.

I described real events from my view as a police officer. I also considered the perspectives of others affected by police actions and inactions. The question is, when does that happen? I guess the better question is whether you want to do the work to make it happen for yourself.

This is the author's personal journey in finding GOD and claiming my soul. I wrote this book to glorify God.

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Atsuko Oshiro is seventeen years old, and her life is falling apart. She's always lived on a farm and is used to hard work. But now it's much more difficult. Her country, Japan, has been at war the entire time she has been a teenager. As Japan marches toward defeat, the government enacts increasingly harsh policies. Food and supplies become scarce; people go They have been having an relationship for months and had exchanged text messages as far back as last April where he told her he wanted to 'breathe her in'.

The Enquirer claims that Bezos only announced his divorce on Wednesday morning because he knew it was about to expose his affair with Sanchez. The magazine also alleges that he tried desperately to stop it from running its series of photographs which document their affair, apparently asking one friend: 'Can't I buy the story from them? In their divorce statement on Wednesday, the couple said they had been under a trial separation and 'loving exploration' for some time.

His allegedly raunchy text messages to Sanchez, who is married to Hollywood mega agent Patrick Whitesell and has three children two with him and one from a previous relationship with an NFL star , date back to April. I will show you with my body, and my lips and my eyes, very soon. I want to hold you tight. I love you. I am in love with you. I want to kiss you right now and tuck you in slowly and gently. And maybe in the morning wake you up and not be quite so gentle with you.

You make me better. You're meant for me. My heart is growing just so it can have room for you. It's bigger than it's ever been and still swelling. I want to get a little drunk with you tonight. Not falling down. Just a little drunk. I want to talk to you and plan with you. Then I want to fall asleep with you and wake up tomorrow and read the paper with you and have coffee with you. In one, he reportedly told the year-old: 'I love you, alive girl. In another, the magazine claims he said: 'I want to smell you, I want to breathe you in. Others are more X-rated including one where he is said to have told the former Extra and Fox host: 'I miss you.

Another is said to have read: 'I am so full of love for you. Other reported remarks include; 'I want to hold you tight. I am in love with you,' and 'You know what I want? In addition to shirtless photographs he took standing in front of mirrors, including one in a steamy room where the magazine claims he was wearing just a towel, he also sent Sanchez an 'unsparing' photograph of his genitals which it said was too graphic to publish.

It was previously reported that the pair had been dating since June, months before she separated from her husband, Hollywood mega-agent Patrick Whitesell, and nine months before Bezos announced his split from his wife, MacKenzie, on Twitter. According to the Enquirer, the pair met several times for illicit trysts as often as six times in two weeks. Its investigation began after Sanchez was seen getting off his private jet on October She was wearing a WME hat which represents her husband's talent agency.

Bezos right is seen with Sanchez and her husband Patrick Whitesell at a party for the Amazon release Manchester by the Sea in December The couple were said to be friends with Bezos and his wife before Bezos began seeing her on the side. He was still wearing his wedding ring which he also had on on Sunday. It was through her husband that Sanchez is believed to have met the richest man in the world. Over the last several years, both couples have been photographed at glitzy events including the Vanity Fair Oscars party. Bezos reportedly propositioned Sanchez behind her husband's back while they honored the Oscar-winning film Manchester By The Sea.

The National Enquirer will publish photos of Bezos and Sanchez in this edition set to hit the stands on Thursday.

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Bezos announced his divorce in anticipation of the photos' release. He, according to the magazine, whispered to her: 'You can't fight chemistry'. On October 30, the pair met again for an intimate dinner at Capo, an upscale restaurant in Beverly Hills, where they were joined by two other people witnesses say were largely ignored. After the dinner, Sanchez went back to Bezos' home and was seen leaving the next day, the magazine said. They also spent time in her Santa Monica marital home where, according to the enquirers' reporters, they drew the blinds on an area of the yard where she keeps a hot tub one evening.

The next day, she sent a team of landscapers who had shown up for work away. Bezos emerged from the house hours later, according to the magazine's timeline. There were also several meeting on his private jet which is what piqued MacKenzie's suspicion, according to the magazine. Bezos, according to the magazine's source, passed it off as a business-related encounter, a not entirely implausible explanation given Amazon's Hollywood connections through its film studio, Sanchez's husband's talent agency and the fact that she herself owns an aerial footage production company.

The TV personality put her flying skills on show by whisking Bezos away in her chopper so the pair could enjoy a private romantic hike. In November, the pair retreated one evening to a private bungalow in the Beverly Hills Hotel - five blocks from Bezos' house - after an intimate dinner.

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They also stayed together at the Intercontinental Hotel in Boston hours after MacKenzie and the rest of the Bezos family had left, according to the magazine. The family was in town to attend Bezos' son's graduation from MIT. While they were at the ceremony, Sanchez, it is claimed, was put in a room in the same hotel where they were occupying a private suite. Once the family left, Bezos is reported to have stayed and loved-in with Sanchez until the following day. Sources tell The Enquirer that the affair has 'blindsided' Sanchez's husband Patrick.

Sanchez, shown above on a vacation in , has three children from two relationships. They are aged between 10 and Sanchez, shown above during the same trip to Cabo San Lucas in , has not commented on her romance with Bezos.

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Bezos released a statement revealing the split on his Twitter account yesterday in a bid to present the news in a favorable light. He and his wife described each other as 'cherished friends' and gave the impression it was amicable. The Enquirer says it trailed Bezos and Sanchez in what it calls the 'largest investigation' in the magazine's history, with its photographer catching the lovebirds 'doing the dirty on their spouses'. They say they followed Bezos and Sanchez 'across five states and 40, miles, tailed them in private jets, swanky limos, helicopter rides, romantic hikes, five-star hotel hideaways, intimate dinner dates and 'quality time' in hidden love nests.

A source told the magazine that Sanchez and her husband had been officially separated since fall. The Bezos also attended the event. A source close to the couple tells DailyMail. Their son was born in She has worked as a TV reporter for years before transitioning into the film industry. Now, she combines her passion for flying helicopters with film production with her business, Black Ops Aviation, which films aerial footage.

The two couples are said to have known each other for years, and grown close because they both have homes in Seattle. In their statement on Wednesday, Jeff and MacKenzie said they had been going through a 'trial separation' in recent months. They are pictured at a Lakers game in According to sources cited by both the Enquirer and US Weekly , Sanchez's husband Brian was stunned by the revelation.

He had no idea how serious the affair was or how long it was going on for. From morning news anchor and reality TV show host to girlfriend of the world's richest man: How Lauren Sanchez climbed the ranks. Sanchez, 49, is a third-generation Mexican American who was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

She headed to California after graduation, attending El Camino community college before receiving a scholarship to the University of Southern California. Sanchez is shown left in and right the following year. She has always maintained a glamorous lifestyle and mingled with celebrities. She is pictured here with Nico in Sanchez returned to KCOP in and was named the 11pm anchor, making her the first Hispanic female to ever hold the honor.

I was just trying to get through,' Sanchez told the Reporter. Sanchez has been married to Hollywood mega agent Patrick Whitesell left since Sanchez is pictured performing at the Pussycat Dolls Burlesque Lounge in Sanchez, left, is shown after the performance with Pussycat Dolls creator Robin Antin. Four years later, Sanchez considered taking legal action against the network when So You Think You Can Dance judge Nigel Lythgoe joked she was let go from the show because she had been pregnant at the time. I mean, that should be illegal. Sanchez later told RumorFix that finding out she was fired because of her pregnancy was 'devastating'.

She retained famous attorney Gloria Allred, but learned the statue of limitations had expired. Fox maintained that Lythoe's comments had been made in jest. Sanchez was the host of Fox's Good Day LA she is seen left on the show in and she is now a helicopter pilot right.

Sanchez took a break from her career for several years as she built a family with Patrick Whitesell, one of the most powerful agents in Hollywood. The pair tied the knot in at a star-studded wedding in Santa Barbara that was packed with many of Whitesell's biggest clients. The pair did a 'sexy rumba' for their first dance, choreographed by So You Think You Can Dance's Mary Murphy, and shared a passionate kiss at the altar. You could tell they're in love,' wedding planner Marianne Weiman-Nelson recalled.

But even as her hosting career flourished, Sanchez was finding out she was happiest behind the camera - and above the ground. So I was like, I want to film movies, that's what I want to do. Sanchez served as a consultant for Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk, and most recently worked as an aerial producer for the upcoming Miss Bala starring Gina Rodriguez.

I loved being on camera and now I still have a camera, it's just 3, feet in the air. The statement did not mention how the two will split that fortune, though experts believed that's already been hashed out. Two-time author MacKenzie Bezos, 48, who won an American Book Award in , was one of the first employees of Amazon at its founding, doing accounting for the start-up. Jeff is pictured with stacks of books in The two, who both graduated from Princeton University six years apart, live in Washington, which is a community property state, and that means all assets acquired during the marriage by either spouse are split equally unless there's a prenuptial agreement stating otherwise.

The division of the Bezos' assets will be complicated because the two will continue to pursue joint ventures, according to the joint statement. They demonstrate the importance of high profile divorcing couples' lawyers working hand in glove with their PR agents. The statement did not mention how the two will split that fortune. Maisel, Rachel Brosnahan second from right. Liat Sadler, a San Francisco matrimonial lawyer, noted that spouses owe a fiduciary duty to one another.

Sadler said the main options facing the couple regarding Amazon stock were for Jeff to buy out his wife or for MacKenzie to retain shares.