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The Fox and His Cousin. The Fox and the Cat. The Pink. Clever Grethel. The Old Man and His Grandson. The Water-Nix. The Death of the Little Hen. Brother Lustig. Gambling Hansel. Hans in Luck. Hans Married. The Gold-Children. The Fox and the Geese. The Poor Man and the Rich Man. The Singing, Springing Lark. The Goose-Girl. The Young Giant. The Gnome.

GRIMM'S FAIRY TALES - Grimm's Fairy Tales by The Brothers Grimm - Unabridged audiobook - FAB

The King of the Golden Mountain. The Raven. The Peasant's Wise Daughter. Old Hildebrand.

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The Three Little Birds. The Water of Life. Doctor Knowall.

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The Spirit in the Bottle. The Devil's Sooty Brother. The Willow-Wren and the Bear. Sweet Porridge. Wise Folks. Stories About Snakes. The Poor Miller's Boy and the Cat. The Two Travellers. Hans the Hedgehog. The Shroud. The Jew Among Thorns. The Skilful Huntsman. The Flail From Heaven.

Grimm's Household Tales, Volume 1

The Two Kings' Children. The Cunning Little Tailor. The Blue Light. The Wilful Child.

Grimms' fairy tales

The Three Army-Surgeons. The Seven Swabians. The Three Apprentices. Donkey Cabbages. The Old Woman in the Wood. The Three Brothers. The Devil and his Grandmother. Ferdinand the Faithful. The Iron Stove.

The Lazy Spinner. The Four Skilful Brothers. One-eye, Two-eyes and Three-eyes. Fair Katrinelje and Pif-Paf-Poltrie. The Fox and the Horse. The Six Servants. The White Bride and the Black One. Iron John. The Three Black Princesses. Knoist and His Three Sons. The Maid of Brakel. Domestic Servants. The Lambkin and the Little Fish. Simeli Mountain. Going A-Travelling. The Donkey. The Ungrateful Son. The Turnip.

The Lord's Animals and the Devil's. The Beam. The Twelve Idle Servants. The Shepherd Boy. The Star Money.

Memory of the World

The Stolen Farthings. The Brides on their Trial. Odds and Ends. The Sparrow and His Four Children. The Story of Schlauraffen Land. The Ditmarsch Tale of Wonders. A Riddling Tale. Snow White and Rose Red. The Wise Servant. The Glass Coffin. Lazy Harry.

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Household Tales by the Brothers Grimm by Jacob Grimm

The Griffin. Strong Hans. The Peasant in Heaven. Lean Lisa. The Hut in the Forest. Sharing Joy and Sorrow. The Willow Wren. The Sole. The Bittern and the Hoopoe. The Owl. The Moon. The Duration of Life. Death's Messengers. Master Pfriem Master Cobbler's Awl. The Goose-Girl at the Well.

Eve's Various Children. Zipes has long championed the restoration of fairy tales to their original form. The very first edition, published in German in , is a strange beast in the literary history of fairy tales. The Grimms originally produced a scholarly work to preserve the folk tales of the German people with a decidedly philological bent. Despite its title, the book was not intended for children to access independently.

Unsurprisingly, neither it, nor the second volume released in , was a bestseller. But, as the brothers kept revising, re-editing and toning down the tales in subsequent editions, their fairy tales made them literary superstars — the J. Rowlings of the Romantic age — culminating in the famous, decidedly child-friendly 7th edition in For more than years, stories such as Cinderella and Snow White have delighted and enthralled children and adults alike. Zipes has now made major steps to revive the original tales recorded by the Brothers Grimm before they felt the pressure to sanitise and prettify their once gritty tales of wounded children, violent heroes and sensual heroines.

For that matter, are fairy tales in any shape or form suitable for modern kids? Such questions have dominated debates on pedagogies and parenting for decades. With the rise of second wave feminism in the s, some women argued for the replacement of fairy tales with stories depicting emancipated heroines rather than victimised and passive ones. Likewise, educators and parents have flinched at the violence in some tales and have banished those dealing with incest, abandonment and starvation.

But others are against the censorship of fairy tales. While the tales were originally meant for adults, children would have also heard them from time-to-time — either intentionally, by accident or through adult indifference. In view of this reality, the pro-fairy tale contingent sometimes argues that what was acceptable for kids hundreds of years ago, should be acceptable today. More extreme and controversial advocates of fairy tales include the now infamous Bruno Bettelheim. A therapist who treated children using unconventional and allegedly dangerous methods, Bettelheim was a proponent of the benefits of using fairy tales in his therapy sessions.

While his well-known, Freudian-inspired work, The Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales is quirky, it does put forward some interesting ideas on the use of such narratives in workshopping fears in safe, symbolic ways as well as opening up dialogues on mechanisms to overcome adult oppression and abuse.

But Bettelheim, it seems, did more harm than good and his legacy is tainted by allegations of abuse. But surely the fault should not be placed at the feet of poor old Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. I suggest a cautious middle-road.